How u make urself feel most competent n confident in bargaining?

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  1. Donny says:

    While in the US Steel management program they took us through bargaining training or how to buy anything for less or sale for higher kind of stuff. Some of the things I remember were to ask for a bargain first, set expectations that are realistic but aggressive, when asking for a bargain ask for big concessions on their part, but move on price only slightly on your part. Of course the first thing that you need to negociate is will they negociate. Remember that not everyone will. Americans for example don’t negociate as much as Mexicans. If you go south of the boarder be prepared to bargain for deals. If you ever hear "Give me your best deal" you better be prepared to give it because many people will walk away from the deal if they don’t get it and will go else where. If you are buying, again ASK FOR a concession. An example would be never buy a suit without a free tie or be agressive and get two or three new ties free. You might say something like, "of course this, this and this are included in the deal RIGHT"? Ask for reasonable things, but again…be agressive. Good luck. I think you will find that practicing on little things will help you for the really big opportunities when they come.

  2. janeroth7 says:

    Practice in small stores. I do all the time it is fun getting a bargain on what you buy. I have a natural talent doing this.

    Happy New Year I am in NYC

  3. tpbthigb says:

    Learn as much as you can about the item you want to bargain for. Find out what the best possible price for it is that you can find. When you know these things you can confidently bargain for the item because you already know the price you are looking for is available someplace. Good Luck

  4. maggie says:

    I never bargain. If I think that sth is too expensive for me I don’t buy it.

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