How Watchdog Confirmed Sky Makes People Wait For Hours

Sky is one of the largest companies in the world; they supply a variety of channels to businesses and homes throughout the nation, they also supply various digital services such as the telephone and broadband, but for one of the largest companies, they can’t seem to handle such high volumes of calls as mentioned by the Watchdog on TV.

Watchdog claimed that people were waiting for up to two hours on some occasions for their calls to be answered, but is this the right time for Sky to be doing things like this and why is it happening?

As we already know we are in the midst of a huge credit crisis that has took the world by storm and even the biggest businesses have not been able to escape its claw. I believe the same can be said for Sky, although they may not be financially suffering, they have probably cut back on staff and employee hours. This has led to calls being answered that little bit later, but one thing that Sky were probably not expecting is that the volume of calls has increased a dramatic amount, not because of just new business but because people are ringing to either detest or discuss their bills.

The reason for this is because as the credit crunch kicks in people are looking to save their pennies, so whereas in the past a big bill may have come through and been ignored, people now want to know each and every thing they are paying for, so they ultimately ring up to inquire.

But instead of Sky cutting down on staff, now during the economic crisis they should be investing and employing a lot more people to deal with the increase in calls otherwise people will just go elsewhere and then the company will begin suffering in this financial market. It’s not only good enough in this day and age to offer a good service you have to offer good customer service to back it up.

People have hectic lifestyles and they just do not have the time to actually stay on hold for two hours or more, plus this you also have to think about phone charges, because a lot of people like to ring on the go, thus using their mobiles which on a two hour call will end up costing a small fortune, even if they are supplied with a free phone number most service providers still charge standard rates.

Source by Musa Aykac

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