How Will Romney Spin The Latest Home Sales Numbers?

Sales of new homes jumped last month to the highest level in more than two years, further evidence of a sustained housing recovery that could help lift the lackluster economy. The figures do suggest that the housing recovery is strengthening. The increase follows other reports that show home prices are rising more consistently, builders are starting to build more homes and sales of previously occupied homes have increased in the past year. Faster construction could help boost economic growth and hiring. And it could also encourage more people to put their homes on the market.ā€¦

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4 Responses to “How Will Romney Spin The Latest Home Sales Numbers?”

  1. Philip McCrevice says:

    Our economy will get better in spite of what Obama is doing, not because of it.
    Obama is stifling the economy. It would have already been out of this funk if Romney had been there for the last 4 years.
    We are growing at about 1.5%. Yay, let’s celebrate! We’re growing!
    It’s supposed to be about 4%. Obama is crushing us!

  2. TOOTAl2 says:

    a 2 year high in home sales is not that good. if it was a 10 year high that would be good.

  3. get lost says:

    Home sales go up every summer if you compare it fall and winter moron

  4. marsha says:

    He will ignore them. It maybe hard to spin.

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