How Would It Really Be If The Bnp Came Into Power?

Or even UKIP?
I wrote a post on a question, where people were talking about how “Islamic hospitality” would involve getting stoned to death or whatever. I was actually answering the question at the same time by the way.. so you can’t hold that against me.
I was just clarifying that I’d travelled to several Islamic countries and been put up by very friendly, hospitable people many times. I was only judged once in Africa, and that was on the colour of my skin (the guy was saying something along the lines of “all you white people are like vampires”).
I met so many lovely people in these places who were very moderate in terms of religion and promised friendship. No, not to do with money, in fact, the only guy who ever asked for money or really anything from me was a Christian.
I’ve spent a long time travelling and I think it’s sad when I see that all the media shows people is the most extreme of extreme incidents. I’ve never witnessed anything remotely similar and believe me I’ve travelled off the tourist trail, to places where they hadn’t ever seen foreigners.
My post was deleted. It was relevant and inoffensive. Plenty of other people were swearing (explicitly) and their posts were kept.
Now it seems to me that many of the British far right have a little safe haven on this site from where they can complain and criticise with little prior knowledge. And if anyone argues against that- they go down. I wonder if the BNP holds similar ideals to them… How long would democracy and freedom of speech, one of the greatest of our British systems which I’m sure you’re very proud of, last in a situation where people were only allowed to come out with a certain subset of views?
Another thing, which is pretty unrelated but I find worrying: UKIP claims to support the people against the elite but I don’t think it does. I was bought up by a single parent who bought up me and both my sisters on £12,000 a year (counting every benefit she could get, and no, my dad didn’t support us), so I know what it’s like to be poor. He wants to cut immigration- that will help with people getting jobs but no one seems to understand the huge amount of cuts UKIP wants to make: “tens of billions” of further cuts to taxation, a complete cut in inheritance tax and a further £77 billion in public sector cuts. How exactly does this benefit the working class? I think people don’t realise exactly how much they depend on these systems… but have fun figuring it out when you elect a fascist into government.

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3 Responses to “How Would It Really Be If The Bnp Came Into Power?”

  1. tom says:

    Well, if the BNP came to power they would do everything they could to kick out all minorities, plus liberals and probably cause fear even among those who could stay.
    UKIP would be more like a Republican wet dream. Apart from leaving the EU, their policies are to the right of the Tories, like a flat tax (more money to the rich, take more from the poor), school vouchers (give kids in private schools a discount on their private school education and call is “choice”) things like that, not good for anyone who doesn’t earn 50,000 a year or more.

  2. Bob says:

    I’m not gonna read that because its whole paragraphs but here’s my answer:
    It would be very bad. The BNP would attempt to cut our population size to around 19 million people. This will not allow us to compete on the global stage. When you go as far right as the BNP, you are just as deluded as those on the left.
    UKIP on the other hand would be fine. If their entire manifesto came into effect, the budget deficit will be cut slightly to start off with and then massively by the end of the 5 year term in office. Sadly, this is never going to happen as UKIP are a small party.

  3. Foxy says:

    ‘blah blah blah’…. And people answered you and you deleted it yourself when you got owned. GROW UP!

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