How would the hospital deal with a heroin addict?

I’m doing research for a book, and need to know how the hospital would deal with a heroin addict. If somebody had been submitted to hospital for overdosing on recreational drugs, would the hospital report them? Would they submit them to rehab as a compulsory action? Or would they just give them a bundle of brochures with support & advice and send them on their way?

Much appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. Autumn says:

    hi Sophie. in the UK if an ambulance is called to a heroin overdose where the person is unconscious the paramedics will administer the drug narcan by injection into the upper arm muscle. the patient will regain consciousness in about 2 minutes. if it hasn’t worked in 5 minutes a second dose is given.

    most addicts refuse to go to hospital when they regain consciousness and aren’t happy that the fix they paid for is up in smoke. they are encouraged to go to hospital as the narcan wears off in 30-90 minutes and if they have taken enough heroin they can lose consciousness again.

    if any actually do go to A&E they have their obs checked and are observed until they are stable and then discharged. most have no interest in quitting at this point as they will be rattling and in need of a fix. if they do express any interest in quitting they will probably be given a leaflet for their local drug and alcohol service or told to see their GP for a methadone programme.

    a hospital will not report someone to the police for overdosing. they will not be admitted to a rehab programme against their will as it would be illegal. if they want to go to rehab there is a long progress to get a place on the NHS and few could afford to go private. there are no glossy brochures.

    information correct in the UK.

  2. Israel Sanchez says:

    1st Step: 24 Detox
    2nd Step: Buprenorphine Every 4-6 Hours Depending On Age, And Weight.
    3rd Step: Recommend Rehab & Therapy

  3. Erin says:

    They usually just make sure they survive and then discharge them. It all depends on whether they have insurance or not. A person with insurance is going it probably get follow up care. But most heroin addicts don’t have insurance. And state run rehabilitation clinics have long waiting lists since the deman is so much higher than the number of beds in any facility. Your average heroin addict who overdoses gets no follow up care whatsoever.

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