How would you deal with a resident who has had a bowel movement accident?

I need to know how to deal with a resident who has had a bowel movement accident?
STNA field
thank you=)

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7 Responses to “How would you deal with a resident who has had a bowel movement accident?”

  1. Nutmeg says:

    Clean it up the best you can
    without causing embarrassment
    to the resident. It was an accident

  2. fixer29 says:

    You pretend you didn’t notice and leave it for the next shift to worry about

  3. Ryan says:

    It depends of if you didn’t like it or think there is something wrong please give more details.

  4. says:


    Stick your finger in and smell it; if it smells bad call a doctor.

  5. princepessa commestibile appiccicosa dolce says:

    help them get cleaned up

  6. JOSHUA says:

    As your walking out to go home, mention to somone that u think you saw somthing in that residents room but that you really didnt pay attention because you are in a hurry to get to an appointment. They’ll send somone else to clean it, and give you props for being attentive even when your off duty=)

  7. Hovis says:

    In this kind of field many clients will de incontinent or have many accidents.

    Because you will have a care plan set for this person you must check that you are allowed to help with toileting. If you are not you must call your line manager or your "on call" and ask for direction.

    Some people may not want your help and you cannot force them to get cleaned up if they want to stay in their own mess human rights law says they can. You should ask them if they would like help to get cleaned up, take them to the bathroom and wipe off as much as you can with wipes or tissue, then wash the area with a sponge, ensure they have clean clothes, If the stools are of a runny consistency you may want to log this in your care folder, use incontinence wear if they use it, however if they do not have incontinence pads and this becomes a regular occurrence you need to notify your line manager so the person can be assessed for incontinence pads.

    most of all be light hearted with them after all it was an accident and they are probably very embraced. however if you smile and tell them "it happens to everyone don’t worry" and "that’s what im here for to help you" will put them at ease, changing the subject to something other than the accident that has happened sometimes helps. "how are the grand children doing now they are back at school" or something like

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