How would you deal with adoptive parents who sent their little girl out begging?

In a filthy state, from a filthy and chaotic home?
The gypsy couple in Greece claim to be unofficial adoptive parents, of course.
So even if they are found not guilty of abduction, how should the Greek court deal with them?
Oh, and why are the other pikeys ‘traumatised?’
Could it be the presence of the long arm of the law that’s proving too much for them?

And, at the other end of Europe, what do you think will emerge about the little girl rescued by police in Dublin? Did the tinkers adopt her from a destitute leprechaun or something?

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4 Responses to “How would you deal with adoptive parents who sent their little girl out begging?”

  1. hoarseman says:

    I would like the law to harass them into historical oblivion .

    The way they bring up their own children ought to be enough to charge them with child abuse — virtually all of them have been removed from school by the age of 11. The boys then become full time contributors to their father’s chosen criminal activities, and the girls to begin learning how to be a man’s skivvy .

    Travellers look on us only as prey and victims — a resource for them to mine.
    Its time everybody recognised that

  2. Petrusclavus says:

    Think some more – once a little older the girl child will not be used for begging.
    OK try not to puke when thinking about that.
    I regret having to say it but there is going to be a wave of searches and arrests

  3. River says:

    Same way non – adoptive, biological parents should be treated for doing something like this, has nothing to do with parents being adoptive , any one like this should lose the child, be put in prison …etc !

  4. Anglicus JAMES says:

    if found guilty, they should be sentenced to 25 years each in a real life version of the "Sona penitentiary"…. it would be justice & the ultimate deterrent.

    same goes for the rest of the jippoes involved in crimes like this. they kidnap kids for slavery & eventual sex slavery… always have done… and it should never be tolerated.
    the same goes for any other nonces, including the Rochdale/Oxford men — of course.


    thumbs down.. what is wrong w/ what i said?

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