How would you pay for the NBA game ball?

How much would you be willing to pay to get the Spalding NBA Leather Game Ball from the UK? I am thinking about selling the NBA leather game ball on as I am registered as a Pro Merchant. I would have to import these balls from America and so the lowest price I would be able to sell is £110. Would you buy the ball for this price? Would you rather buy it for £110 from Amazon UK or would you rather pay £80 and have to wait months for it to come, from Amazon US.

Thank you for your answers.

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2 Responses to “How would you pay for the NBA game ball?”

  1. Bill Bradley says:

    simple- i get in free

  2. Nashty says:

    personally back when i used to live in the projects i would just jump in backyards and take them
    I think the whole neighborhood had 3 basketballs, and every week there was a new "owner"

    I don’t understand euro conversions, i can get one for 20 dollars at walmart, and if its not at wal-mart in uk then…lol

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