Hsa Medical Plan–dermatology Appointment?

I am enrolled in HSA plan. I was told i have no co-pay. I am trying to consult a dermatologist for ring worm, used ‘Lamisil Antifungal Cream’ Terabinafine hydrochloride 1% for 2 days but didn’t see any result.
I am trying to consult a doctor who quoted $40 to $160. My insurance won’t pay anthing and i have to pay everything from my pocket. I don’t know what to do. I have never paid so much ever before. I enrolled in HSA from PPO by mistake.
Could you please provide a suggestion. I am very confused.
Also my colleague(HSA plan) got an X-ray(for some fracture) and got charged $440. Although he is on HSA insurance he only paid $30 and the rest is covered by his insurance.Why is that ?
BTW we are with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

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2 Responses to “Hsa Medical Plan–dermatology Appointment?”

  1. Zarnev says:

    In the long run the HSA is a better option for most people. I’m a health insurance agent and I have an HSA and I’ve had it for 7 years.
    The insurance doesn’t pay anything until you get to the deductible. However, the medical provider does discount the rate. What that discounted rate is will depend on the contract that the provider has with the insurance company. That is why they quoted you such a big range; they don’t know what the discounted rate is. For you to find out you’ll need to get the billing code that the provider will use for your care and call the insurance company.
    The reason your colleague paid $30 is because that is the discounted rate through the insurance company. It’s not that the insurance paid it but it is because that is what the insurance contract repriced that procedure as. Another example is my daughter went to the doctor last month for a complete physical. The doctor charged her $240 but the insurance company repriced it to $45.

  2. lindagre says:

    The BC/BS should cover your appt. Your only other option would be to go to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to recommend an effective treatment for the ringworm.

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