I Am A Paroled Felon And I Got Married To My Wife A Year Ago. I Am Also Disabled.?

Can my wife lose her section 8 voucher? My parole officer wants to intrude on her privacy by informing the voucher program in New York of my residency with her and I risk separating from her for the sake of not causing her the loss where she has had the voucher for 28 years.

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4 Responses to “I Am A Paroled Felon And I Got Married To My Wife A Year Ago. I Am Also Disabled.?”

  1. Lynn says:

    That’s not “intruding,” that’s following the law. Of course he can do that. He’s supposed to. Yu were supposed to act legally and living off her section 8 isn’t legally. It’s up to you to find a job. If you’re unable to work (unable, which isn’t the same as can’t work the type of jobs you’d prefer), then apply for help from Social Security.
    You have a wife now. That was supposed to mean you were to become a legal person.

  2. Achelios says:

    intrusion on her privacy???!!!??? You have got to be kidding
    she is getting a public benefit… one that requires she not have other people living with her without reporting & getting approval & when that person is an adult, they must also be put on the lease
    even without you being a felon, she can end up tossed off section 8 simply for not following the requirements & allowing you to live there
    you & she both broke the law when you moved in
    just because you got married does not entitle you to live in section 8 housing with her
    if you want to live with your wife, then you both need to be prepared to find a place to live where you/she pick up the tab instead of the government unless by some chance y’all happen to qualify as a couple — household income as well as your & her capability to work both play into eligibility… if she won’t be eligible with you, then… y’all have 2 choices.. move to place without section 8 or live separate from each other
    If you are drug-convicted felon, then you are not eligible for section 8 unless the state law has exclusions — so it is possible that your presence is causing a problem both not as a felon & as a felon

  3. Ann says:

    You have it backwards. She is intruding on the landlord by not reporting you living there. She is not entitled to have anyone she pleases move in with her. They have to be approved.
    Is she disabled? That is the only reason anyone would ever be in section 8 that long.

  4. Teddy & Chiliswoman says:

    Simple answer – yes. If you were convicted of a violent crime – felon or not – you are excluded from section 8 housing in New York State. She either loses her voucher or you live elsewhere. Part of the punishment of performing a felony lasts long after you leave prison.
    When you married her she lost her right to privacy- just as you have lost your right to yours.

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