I am ASDA employee and have been suspended by ASDA for getting colleague discount on my friends shopping.?

I live and work in Slough. I have been called for disciplinary hearing 03/010/2011. I have been accused of getting colleague discount on my friend shopping. I explained to on duty manager that these purchases belongs to me and I have simply forgotten my bank card at home.

So please any advice that what should I do and should I get any representative. And what can I expect.

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  1. General Knowledge says:

    You have been caught fair and square, you broke Asda rules on discounts and nobody will believe differently.

    Your only hope now is to come clean, confess that you were doing yoru friend a favour because he is really poor and then beg and plead at the hearing to give you another chance and that you will never do it again.

    If you look and sound genuine enough they will give you another chance, otherwise they will simply sack you for breaking their rules.

    Forget the BS about forgetting your bank card at home – NOBODY HERE OR AT ASDA WILL BELIEVE IT.

  2. Lily B Talus says:

    You need to talk to your union representative as they can support you through this.

  3. Haggi says:

    You need to speak to your union rep as soon as possible.

    You will need to convince your employer that it’s feasible you had your staff discount card but no bank card on you at the time. Also the nature of your purchases may or may not help you, if you bought ‘regular’ groceries such as bread, milk etc that may help your arguement but if it was something of high value such as a TV is it actually in your home and can you prove it?

    If you did use your colleague discount for a friend then you may have a problem.

  4. shirebiker says:

    Mmmmm, Hard to prove. Are you a union member, they would help with your case. Ask if your Friend can come as a witness. Even if you are not in a union they could sit in on the meeting to ensure fair treatment.

  5. Jo W says:

    I don’t think your excuse will be accepted. The rules on staff discounts are very clear – and if you breach them, you should expect disciplinary action to follow.

  6. lucy says:

    Anytime when a store gives a "discount" card to their employees, in most cases only the employee can use, but sometimes it is also allowed for the employees family. Also due to these discount cards, in most cases if someone else’s uses, you could be subject to be fired for theft and most likely in your HR booklet will state that. All of these cards are "tracked", meaning they know exactly what you buy in the past/present.

    The biggest problem you have is that your friend supposedly" bought these items for you due to not having your bank card. Were you shopping with him and at the register realized that you did not have your bank card with you and the cashier can verify this? If not, you will be SOL.

    If you somehow get lucky and keep your job, under NO circumstance, allow anyone to purchase anything for you again.

    good luck

  7. Ed Fox says:

    If you had "forgotten" your bank card, you should not have attempted to use your discount card unless paying by cash. How can you possibly think that paying on another person’s card would not be detected? Termination seems likely- not only due to the infraction itself but also due to your apparent lack of common sense – rather essential for someone in retail

  8. HD says:

    i don’t believe you forgot your bank card and neither will they.

  9. Nick says:

    Amina, you will already have gathered that these cards tend to come with a ‘zero tolerance’ policy in terms of any misuse. Sadly, this is quite common, and many employees are dismissed as a result (in all supermarkets, not just Asda, who are a very good employer).

    What does your hearing invitation actually say? If it mentions Gross Misconduct then they expect you could be dismissed (it should indicate this otherwise procedurally they are at fault).

    If you have a union rep or a colleague you trust, take them with you. Tell the absolute truth, and begin by being remorseful, but stick to the basic fact that you were not acting dishonestly, just in a fix. Say you didn’t think this was abusing the system as you would never do that. Stress you have learned by your mistakes, as we all do, and it will never happen again. And mean it!

    You may escape with a Written Warning.

    I cannot be too optimistic for you, as that would be misleading. But try to hold your head up as this was a genuine mistake. Surely the transaction would have been far more valuable/larger if you had been trying to play the system?

    I hope this gives you some ideas to use. See the link below for the ACAS code on the steps they should take.

    Good luck.

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