I am due to start a new work role which involves dealing with complaints?

Can anyone suggest any literature or information which can give advice on dealing with complaints? I am looking for other peoples perspective and also best practice.

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  1. Georgina says:

    As someone who worked in customer service and had the best training ever on it (when customer service was a big deal back in 90s):

    Listen to them and take notes – people are calmer once you allow them room to get everything off their chest.

    Repeat back what they tell you like you’re confirming that you get what they are saying

    Empathise with them that it must be frustrating etc but do not talk negatively about the company just state it shouldn’t have happened if that’s the case.

    Explain what you can do and are willing to do. Then quickly state if that’s not something they’re happy with that you will talk to your boss.

    Thank them for calling etc. your company should have its own process for complaints etc.

  2. Jo W says:

    The best advice is often the simplest: try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who is complaining. What would you want to hear/be told? An apology always goes down well – if they are clearly barking mad and their complaint has no validity, the phrase ‘I’m sorry you have felt the need to complain’ covers the situation!

  3. Kernow Lady says:

    Never try to butt in. They are on a roll and will speak very fast and become very angry. This always reaches a peak after a few minutes, then that is your time to speak. you will be trained in the way your company deals with complaints. never take it personally, it is not you they are complaining about but your company.
    Good Luck

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