I Am In Texas And I Have A Question About Section 8.?

I only make about 4800 a year and I would like to apply for hud section 8 under the veterans program. I am told that it will take 2-3 months in order to obtain housing. What I am worried about is how much it will cost me. Also does anyone know anything about also recieving a discount on electricity and water and gas? I have been looking at 2 bedrooms for my son and I that run about 750-800 per month although the bills are not included. Please let me know what I am looking at and thanks for your comment in advance.

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2 Responses to “I Am In Texas And I Have A Question About Section 8.?”

  1. Flower says:

    You have to apply to your local county or city Housing Authority for the VASH program. If that is not the right one, you have to apply like everyone else and go on a waiting list. You will eventually get a voucher and you will pay 1/3 of your income for rent with an allowance for utilities. That is a long wait but veterans may get preference on the waitlist for one of their programs.

  2. acermill says:

    You are looking at something which is not likely to happen. You do not get ‘discounts’ on electricity, water and gas. Those items you are expected to pay in full. I’m not sure who told you that housing would be available in 2-3 months, because that is almost unheard of. Most Sec.8 programs have very long waiting lists, and some have simply stopped taking applications until further notice. Since you only make about $5000 a year, you should NOT be looking at apartments in that price range. Those rents are twice your entire annual income.

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