I Am Looking For Help On These Managerial Accounting Questions, Please!?

I would like to see all work so I can understand the questions. Please help!! Thank you!
A company has provided the following data:
Sales 4,000 units
Sales price $80 per unit
Variable cost $50 per unit
Fixed cost $30,000
If the dollar contribution margin per unit is increased by 10 percent, total fixed cost is decreased by 15 percent, and all other factors remain the same, will net operating income increase or decrease? By how much?
The balance in White Company’s work-in-process inventory account was $15,000 on August 1 and $18,000 on August 31. The company incurred $30,000 in direct labor cost during August and requisitioned $25,000 in raw materials (all direct material). If the sum of the debits to the manufacturing overhead account total $28,000 for the month, and if the sum of the credits totaled $30,000, then was Finished Goods debited or credited? By how much?
Tolla Company is estimating the following sales for the
first six months of next year:
January $350,000
February $300,000
March $320,000
April $410,000
May $450,000
June $470,000
Sales at Tolla are normally collected as 70 percent in the
month of sale, 25 percent in the month following the sale,
and the remaining 5 percent being uncollectible. Also, customers
paying in the month of sale are given a 2 percent
discount. Based on this information, how much cash
should Tolla expect to collect during the month of April?

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