I Am Member Of Club Azure Holidays. Looking For Same Members. Can You Suggest Anything.?

Recently I have been member of Club Azure Holidays for just Rs. 1,50,000 for next 25 years. They promises for 7 days holiday stay at 4500+ destination per year. The price looks much cheaper than Club Mahindra and I dealed it. What I thought is to get the best possible return by traveling a lot in next 4 – 5 years. But I don’t know much about it’s members’ reviews. Does anyone have it’s experience ? I read so many negative reviews of club mahindra just after getting membership of club Azure. I took fast decision to join Club Azure because they offered me to become member right on pretension day by paying 1,75,000 instead of 3,90,000 if done later. Additionally I was informed that if I pay 25,000 right there than total cost would be 150k instead of 175k. I was given free holidays gift voucher for 7N / 8D already. They told me that I would be eligible for holidays for next 25 years for 7N/8D each year for 1 – 8 people. Calculation Says that if you travel with 8 people each year than per head cost would be (150000/25 = 6000+4900 maintenance charge (fixed per year) = 10900 for 8 people = 1362 for a person for 7 days accommodation expenses. Isn’t it. ? They promised accommodations in 4* – 5 * properties. The rest amount Rs 1,25,000 is to be paid in EMI 5208 for 24 months. According to them I would be eligile for International and national holidays after completion of 50% payment that is 75,000. and would be given Gold membership of www.daelive.com . While listening it sounds good. But friends like you can suggest more better. Now nothing can be done as I have already paid but just shared this so that I can get in touch with others like me.

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