I Am Worried Sick About This, My Wife Could Get Me In Trouble!?

She’s married to me and so she got an employee discount card since she is married to me. I found out from her that she used it on her parents when they bought groceries. They used their debit card which obviously has a name different than hers. What happened was she bought her stuff, which was 2 things. Then her parents checked out, the cashier asked if they lived together, my wife’s mom said “yes” and then the cashier rang them through. It was 80 dollars worth of groceries and they save 5 dollars she said. I’m worried sick because the policy states you can get fired for doing that. I can’t believe she did that. She apologized and said she will never do it again. What can I do about this? I’m scared right now and worried they will see the receipt or something in the office and I lose my job because of my wife.

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4 Responses to “I Am Worried Sick About This, My Wife Could Get Me In Trouble!?”

  1. Robert says:

    Talk to your manager about it, more than likely he/she will tell you not to worry about it, but not to do it again. My wife did a similar thing when I worked for Wal-Mart, my manager said it wasn’t a big deal but he asked that it not happen again.

  2. Maria says:

    If anything is said to you you are just going to have to say that her parents live with you. My mom use to work at jewel & they had the same policy with the employee discount cards, but I used hers all the time. SO don’t worry about it & like I said you just have to say they live with you & it will be ok

  3. koutlaw4 says:

    hard line thats stealing from the company, dont tell anyone and make sure it doesnt happen again. mamagement

  4. Ang says:

    Tell her not too be so stupid next time, esp if your military. Otherwise, no big deal!

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