i applied for marks and spencer and have been asked to attend an assesment does anyone know what ill be doing?

hi, iv just applied for a job at M&S and have been asked to attend an assessment, has anyone attended one before at marks and spencer? and if so what you had to do, what sort of questions did they ask if they did.. just like to be prepared and so i have an idea.
thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. tx says:

    First you’ll go in, there should be two people there, and you’ll be asked the "what would you do if.." questions. I can’t really remember the actual questions but I remember them being pretty straight forward, the manager will come in later and ask you the real questions. You’ll be given 5 minutes alone to prepare for a short roleplay, what the roleplay is based on depends on which department you are applying for. The interviewer will act as a customer and the other person will be watching and assessing you. I know one of the roleplay’s involve the interviewer (customer) telling you they have ordered a birthday cake, it has been marked as dispatched but the customer hasn’t got the cake – they need it today. You have to come up with a solution as well as staying in character as though you were employed there. If you are applying for the cafe, you’ll be given a "menu" to study before the interviewer leaves the room for 5 minutes, they will then return as a "customer" and tell you what they want and how long it will take etc. The roleplay is very short – mine only lasted about a minute at the most, but it can be up to around 3 minutes. I’m pretty sure that after you have finished that, they will take you to the shop floor and ask you to approach two customers; if you are applying for the cafe they will ask you to clean tables for like 20 minutes, whilst they sit at the back and watch you. After that you’ll go back to the room and your line manager will interview you. I got questions like "how would you treat a customer?", "what are you most looking forward to if you got the job?", "why do you want to work for M&S?" and "how would you deal with a customer complaint"?. The two people will then come in again telling you if you’ve got the job or not and if you have; will go through the contract etc.

    This is just my experience as well as what I’ve heard, so it could be completely different for you. Good luck!

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