I bought a potted hydrangea, can I plant it outside?

I bought a potted hydrangea, can I plant it outside?
I bought a potted Red Baron hydrangea out of Marks and Spencers, it is sitting on my kitchen window! It’s quite big and I notice it is beginning to die (well some of the flower heads). I de-flowered the heads by cutting the stems down to 2 remaining leaves. How do I look after this plant? Can I plant this plant outside at somepoint?

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  1. Woody says:

    Certainly plant your hydrangea outside,it may change colour according to the nature of the soil.In acid soil,the flowers will tend to be blue.One point,by cutting back the stems to two leaves,next season’s flower buds will have been removed.
    The plant probably won’t flower ’til 2015.When flowers do appear,leave them to be killed by the frost ,let them remain on the plant over winter,then cut back to the next pair of leaves below the dead flowers..
    Work ericaceous compound into the soil before planting,note hydrangeas prefer dappled shade and moist,not waterlogged soil.

  2. Carol A says:

    hi yes you can plant it out side but let it stand out side for a couple of days to acclimatize to new temperature make sure its well watered and plant in a few days time

  3. no mercy says:

    Yes, u can plant it outside. Hydrangea likes low Ph soil

  4. Obama hood - Spread the Wealth says:

    Yes. Hydrangea’s are one of my favorite flowers. They require rich soil. I have two types, they macrofilla style bloom on the old wood so you cannot cut them back too hard or you do not get bloom. The newer "endless summer" varieties bloom on old and new wood. I have both.

    These plants are fairly heavy feeders and need a good dose of fertilizer. The planting directions that I have came from this site http://www.endlesssummerblooms.com

    Read up on it and best of luck to you.

  5. Marjorie says:

    If you think of them as a rather long lasting type of cut flower, then you won’t be sorry 🙂 Plants that are able to grow outdoors in temperate climates (i.e., hardy shrubs like hydrangeas, azaleas, even mini roses) do not make good long term houseplants. But as long as you give them sufficient light, water and moderate temperatures, you can enjoy the blossoms for several months.

    These are just plain old bigleaf hydrangeas, H. macrophylla, and they are grown outdoors across most of the country. In colder climates, usually zone 6 or lower, most are given winter protection to guard against cold damage to the flowerbuds and stem dieback. Florist’s hydrangeas have been manipulated with fertilizers, growth hormones and light to bloom at a very young age and because they are grown in a greenhouse, a bit tender initially. But if properly acclimatized and hardened off before planting outdoors, there’s no reason why you couldn’t add these to your landscape after flowering. They also make great porch plants until cold weather sets in.

  6. Avalon says:

    Yes, hydrangeas are an outdoor plant. They like moist well drained soil and are very happy in partial shade. A red hydrangea will probably retain it’s colour whether your soil is acid or alkaline otherwise they are pink in alkaline soil and blue in acidic soil. The flower shoots that you have cut right back will not flower next year as they flower on this year’s growth but provided you have some stems left you will be alright. If these flower, leave the stems on overwinter and in the spring cut them back to the first set of healthy buds. The dead flower heads protect the pal ts and can look very attractive.

  7. John says:

    as you bought it as a house plant, it needs warmth 10C overnight or it will die. if you can keep it alive in cold frame until next summer then it should survive
    sorry these plants are super forced as houseplants nothing more

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