I can never get a chow mein sauce that tastes like you get in the Chinese restaurants! Help!?

I have tried many brands including Blue Dragon and even tried making my own, but every chow mein sauce I try is no good. It just isn’t as good as in the restaurant. The only one I tried that came close was the Marks and Spencer ‘Cook!’ Range of stir fry meals, but it has been discontinued. I have lost my passion for stir frying as I can never get a sauce that is good enough. Help! Recipes, recommended brands/ websites where you can purchase, anything to help welcome!

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  1. casabong says:

    Try buying at an Asian/Filipino food store. It is a ready mix called PANCIT CANTON or CHOPSUEY mix.

    All ready made mixes need a little help, for this one add in some chicken seasoning and a tablespoon of oyster sauce plus a few drops of sesame oil to finish. Soy sauce is just for coloring, not for taste.

    Remember, the life of a good chow mein is the onions and pepper. Saute the sliced white onions first and add in 3/4 tsp. pepper. Take out and set aside. Saute the lightly salted, cornstarch coated,sliced meats till lightly colored.Take out and set aside. Saute the seafood till color changes. Take out and set aside. Saute the veggies, carrots first, then the rest until crispy soft. Take out and set aside. Add in the noodles and water, adding water as needed till noodles are nearly cooked. Add in the prepared mix plus the oyster sauce and sesame oil.

    Stir fry is high heat. If you really want the asian taste, then you have to buy asian ingredients. Best that you ask questions in the Asian food store and if possible, invite a Chinese friend over to teach you how to cook.

  2. andy14darock says:

    Ask the restaraunt , That’s what I do when I got eat at places such as Mexican Foods, Asian, etc.

  3. rkz234 says:

    The restraunt sauce will have MSG in it to enhance the flavour.

  4. nevyn55025 says:

    Try adding MSG in your recipie.

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