I Cannot Access My Hotmail Email No Matter What!?

Okay, yesterday i tried logging onto my windows hotmail email. The password was correct as usual but it brought up a page saying “some else may be using your account” and they have blocked my account. I thought nothing of this as i never really use my email to actually email or chat, i mainly use it for my xbox live account and for creating accounts on different websites such as facebook, twitter ect… anyway lets get to the point. Recently today when i was logged into my xbox live account on my xbox when i was suddenly signed out. Then when i tried logging back into my account it came up with “error cannot access this account go to hotmail.com and sign in ect..” so i went back to my hotmail account and like i mentioned it said “someone else may be using my account” Now please dont say the obvious that someone may be using my account because im 100% positive, ive never used any of my personal details on any other website in order for people to use my account. Ive tried so many things to try get my account back let me bullet point them all
.I have not set ANY recovery questions but i set up my recovery email as my mother, but my email was created very long ago so was my mothers and my mother has forgotten her email password and has a new email.
.Ive tried doing the survey to get my account back, ive entered the question but i have not entered enough information in order for them to veriefy the account, i have not entered enough information because as i said i never use my account to chat or send emails or add anybody, but most off the question ask question like “subject of your inbox and junk topics” or “emails title sent to recent emails”. so i cant find a way to get my account back this way.
.Also the bottom of the survey it asks for my xbox live account billing info, such as credit cards used ect.. I never used a credit card to buy my xbox i used a voucher. it asks for my recent voucher code which i threw away at christmas.
Please, please, PLEASE, help me the best you can. is there anyway i could contact microsoft on a online chat (not telephone calls) thank you!
Ive also used my email on different IPs if that is anything to do with it? (ive logged out of it every single time dont worry)

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