I Cant Top Up On Tmobile?

basically i just got a new t mobile sim and put it in my phone, i have also bought a top up voucher but my problem is whenever i try call 150 to top up it says ‘unfortunately you dont have enough credit to make this call’ i kept trying i went on the website i cant make an account.. and i cant do a quick top up as it says you cannot make a top up to this mobile number. so please HELPPPPP.

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2 Responses to “I Cant Top Up On Tmobile?”

  1. AMIR VFX says:

    see and subscribe to get it

  2. Rover says:

    Now you getting this new tmobile sim, was it to replace a bad sim? Or did you just get new service?
    If it was to replace a bad sim you need to call from a different phone and let customer service know your new sim number. Your whole service is based of the sim so if the do not have the info (Sim #) to transfer everything then you can’t call to even top up. The number in USA is 877-778-2106.
    If your a new account you will also need to get ahold of customer care to activate a new account. You should have a SIM and an activation packet (USA) that has an activation number. Give this as well as your info (Name, address ect) to the rep and they will generate a new number. You can then ask them to apply your top op over the phone (Should be like a 8-16 digit number) or go through the automated system and punch in the top up PIN.
    You can call that number I posted for both situations.

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