I Find My Sister And Her Children Extremely Rude, Or Am I In The Wrong?

Good manners were never a priority of my sister and now she has children that has not changed. She has three children who are aged between 9 and 13. Now they are starting to grow up a bit, it is clear she hasn’t brought them up with any manners, and I have decided I can hardly bear to be around my sister or her family any more.
I have always sent her and her kids birthday cards and bought them generous birthday gifts and christmas presents. I have never had a thank you letter, birthday card or christmas card from any of her children and nothing from my sister for nearly 10 years. At birthdays I’m lucky if I get a text message from my sister, at Christmas an amazon voucher at best. The last time I got one of her children a birthday card and put some money with it, I heard nothing back. I found that grossly rude.
Her children are often vile to my face. They have been spoilt rotten and one of them in particular shouts at me when I visit, and even slammed a door in my face when I went to listen to her play the piano. They have no respect towards adults at all and I have never seen them get a proper telling off once.
In fact, my sister and her partner encourage their children to act in this way. they have strong left wing views and don’t believe in politeness because they think it is old fashioned or something. They have a me, me, me attitude to the world, and expect eveything to be given to them, without having to do anything for it. They are spoilt with all the latest toys and gadgets which they often throw around their house as if they were worthless. They make me utterly, utterly sick.
I am told this is normal nowadays and kids are different today. Is this true? Am I old fashioned?

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9 Responses to “I Find My Sister And Her Children Extremely Rude, Or Am I In The Wrong?”

  1. theman says:

    eat her

  2. Ama says:

    Wow. Tell her. If Shes not interested you know youve done your part over the years.

  3. aliadnan says:

    you are totally right they are rude and do not deserve your attention

  4. JOHN says:

    Just live with it. Soon the children will learn an might be better. You should be a good person and be sorry for them that they are the way they are.

  5. ? says:

    wt advice u want frm us ?

  6. jessica says:

    You are definitely not old fashioned although a lot of parents do believe this which is very sad it’s still odd/wrong to think that it’s fine to be rude. I’m 23 I have a 2 year old son and a 7 month old daughter my son already says please thank you and I’m sorry still working on table manners and you’re welcome but I believe it’s very important to treat others like you want to be treated so if they are going to be rude don’t be ashamed to be a little rude back but sadly this behavior will fall back on them and its not going to be pretty and your sister will have to live with the fact that she messed up her kids life and if I never sent a thank you card it was trouble when I was growing up it makes me so upset to know people are not raising their kids the way they should I hope this was helpful good luck with everything

  7. Breanna says:

    Yes, I think you should talk to your sister in an assertive manner and tell her how this behavior makes you feel.
    Try phrasing it as an “I” statement. For example: When I send you a gift/card/ect. and you don’t acknowledge it I feel unappreciated and disrespected.
    Manners are rarer these days but you need to speak up about how this is making you feel.
    All the best.

  8. Caine says:

    See it for years with society and families losing there identity in a multicultural & Benefit world. The rise in Scroungers, Ba#stard Kids and interracial families… sound’s like another ‘Jeremy Kyle show’ Case or worse ‘Mike Philpotts’ case… Stay clear because you’ll be named and shamed too in your local paper eventually when the Sh1t hits the fan..

  9. Honey says:

    no politeness is good if i behave like that my parents will kill me

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