I Got Caught With Ecstasy, What’s Going To Happen?

This all happened in Santa Cruz California.
I was pulled over, and officers asked to search my vehicle. They found 75+ pressed pills containing solely MDMA and a bit of weed.
They also stole 15 bucks out of my car door, then suggested that my friend and I be like normal people and drink alcohol instead of doing drugs.
They apparently found incriminating texts in my phone having to do with sales.
I’ve argued for personal use explaining that I was self-medicating, which is quite common with ADHD diagnosed individuals.
They’re trying to charge me with trafficking across county lines and possession with intent to sell MDMA, which is fortunately considered an analogue in the state of California.
What am I looking at here?

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One Response to “I Got Caught With Ecstasy, What’s Going To Happen?”

  1. Batman says:

    F*ck for 75 pills?!?! Definitely at least one federal (Trafficking across lines)
    Intent to sell
    I would say you are looking at 2-5 years depending on how much of an example they want to make…
    Not gonna lie this is really bad, get a lawyer.

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