I Got My Coworker Fired, Should I Feel Bad?

She abused our employee discount by letting the customer give her the money to buy the item, ( he was right next to her, our LP manager watching) I was handling the transaction, thinking nothing of it at first but later realizing what was going on, and after it all our Loss Prevention supervisor saw and he made a copy of the receipt after she went home, being concerned, I asked him what that was all about and he said he knew what was going on, and asked me if i wanted to write a statement down, I agreed as long as it would be anonymous. Even though It won’t come back to me, I almost feel guilt a little bit, did I do the right thing?

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5 Responses to “I Got My Coworker Fired, Should I Feel Bad?”

  1. be numb, chum says:

    I would say yeah

  2. Magic says:

    If she was fat, yes. Otherwise no.

  3. Uncle Duke says:

    you did the right thing. in all my years of firing people, i can tell you this, i never fired anyone, others never fired anyone, anyone i ever fired, fired themself first.

  4. George says:

    Dont feel guilty,,she got herself fired..
    You were just watching out for your own job since she could have easily said that you were in on the whole thing and you could have been fired too..
    Now you can get some extra hours and more money in your pocket

  5. walk away says:

    You had no choice. Your LP manager watched the whole thing. I am just a little concerned about you and why you weren’t aware of what was going on and “thinking nothing of it”. You didn’t see the customer give her the money to purchase the item.
    If I was the Loss Prevention manager, I would wonder why YOU let her do this transaction. Isn’t it your job as a cashier to make sure employee discounts are not abused? I wouldn’t feel guilty about writing her up. I would feel concerned because you just admitted that you completed a transaction that you knew wasn’t right, but you still did it anyway.

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