I Had Sex With A Close Friend. Sorry For The Long Story. Opinions? Advice?

There is this girl that is a really close friend of mine. We have known each other for a couple of years, we have a lot of mutual friends, we are close enough to tell each other secrets…we basically hang out every weekend type friends.
About a month ago, she broke up with her boyfriend, who she used to talk a lot of crap about to me, And in my honest opinion he was a complete douchebag. A few days after her breakup, we madeout at a club but nothing more, and we were both extremely intoxicated that night. But I remember her telling me during our drunken makeout session that, “I couldn’t stop thinking about you while I was dating (the douchebag).”
Last weekend, I was too drunk to drive home so she invited me to crash at her house, and we had sex. At first she made me promise not to tell anyone or any mutual friends about this or about what’s happened between us. After the sex, she told me she felt a little guilty because there was another guy, who she considers her boyfriend but it’s not official (whatever that means), and this guy bought her some flowers and crap for valentines day. I did not know about this guy.
For a long time, I never really had relationship type feelings for this girl. Yes, I always thought she was cute, but more of a friend to me then someone I wanted to make my girlfriend. She’s the type of girl that would introduce me to other girls at parties (female-wingman).
The sex was amazing, and from the looks on her face that night, it was good for her too. This girl is effin amazing in bed, and I can’t get her off my mind now. I left in the morning while she was sleeping, texted her later that day, thanking her for letting me crash over and making jokes how smashed I got, but we never mentioned or talked about what really happened. The next day, which was Sunday, I texted her and asked what she was doing in hopes that we could grab a drink that could possibly lead to “other” things, but she didn’t respond back. I texted her today about a BS question I made up about protein powder (she owns a juice bar at a gym, and gets me discounts on stuff like that) and she texted me back with an answer, but nothing more.
So basically, I’ve been sitting here just thinking about this girl constantly, just wondering what she really thinks about me, and I’ve got no one to talk to about it because I promised not to say anything to anyone…I’ve never wanted her more. If you’re wondering, I really don’t think it’ll be weird/uncomfortable for me or her the next time we see each other because we’ll just probably pretend like nothing happened, especially because our friends will be around.
Long story short. If you remember what I said earlier, she told me she used to think about me a lot (meaning she had feelings for me) and now I have developed serious feelings for her. Should I tell her how I really feel? Or should I just play it off like it was no big deal and wait for her to say something to me about it? Sorry for the rambling, but like I said I got no one else to talk to about it. Cheers.
I put this in P&S because you guys give the best answers.

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3 Responses to “I Had Sex With A Close Friend. Sorry For The Long Story. Opinions? Advice?”

  1. Nick says:

    Tell her how you feel.

  2. Ryan6540 says:

    Whether or not you tell her how you feel is up to you. Personally, I’ve been in a similar situation, but I never got a chance to express my feelings, the girl became a total flake. I wanted to tell her my feelings in person, but like I said, she started acting really flaky. We would make plans to hang out, then she would cancel, and smoke hukkah instead. My advice, is to tell her how you feel, preferably face to face. Just keep in mind it could ruin the friendship. Best of luck.

  3. MikeBart says:

    The way I see it, one of two things could be happening here. Either when she was drunk and told you she had feelings for you she was well… drunk and looking for a piece and seen you as an easy target (I’ve been here on both sides). If this is the case she may simply not remember because she was so drunk, or be totally embarrassed she made that up.
    There is also the chance that she meant every word when she told you, and was hoping you would reciprocate the feelings and yas would live happily ever after. Now that you didn’t reciprocate, and she’s slept with you, she may feel like a total fool and simply wants to avoid you. (I’ve been here too).
    My best advice, show up at her place when you know she will be alone. Tell her you need to talk, and bring up that one drunken night she told you she had feelings for you. Tell her you want to know if that was the truth or drunk talk.
    Once she answer it is up to you, if she admits to feelings it is a no-brainer what your response should be. If she says…. yeah I was drunk and being an idiot, than you have a decision. Either laugh it off and say ok good; or roll the dice and spill the beans.
    Long story short, she is going to find out eventually, better now than later.

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