I Have 3 Grand In My Bank Havent Got A House Yet And I Am Stingy Should I Give 500 To My Sister.?

My sister gets no income but lives with someone who feeds her & she gets by , by buying coupons online & buying things with the vouchers for free & selling them half price & she is trying to start a buisness with it. But she is the kind of person that will use you if she can. But not for monney.
Or should I keep it in a high Intrest bank until I get my own house/ flat in about 1 year

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6 Responses to “I Have 3 Grand In My Bank Havent Got A House Yet And I Am Stingy Should I Give 500 To My Sister.?”

  1. Snow White says:

    don’t be so harsh on you sister. she is obviously trying to get by. i’m also in a crappy financial situation, it is very difficult to get out of such a thing.
    you won’t get much interest out of 500 bucks, if she needs it really badly you could be a nice person and loan it to her.

  2. Someone says:

    If she is responsible, I say you could put your 2.5 grand in a high interest bank, ya know? Help a sistah out xp

  3. ? says:

    This is not a sustainable business model nor one that makes any money. Nor is it really one you need $500 in capital for.
    Give her $500 if you’d like, but kiss it goodbye if you do, it won’t be repaid.

  4. ILoveJes says:

    Its up to you. You reap what you sow, so if you giving her $ has not been a continuous thing, I would say, sure. You will reap it back somewhere.

  5. Invisigo says:

    1. she’s a fool for buying coupons & a bigger fool for trying to sell them at a loss to her.
    they come free in the mail every Wednesday or Thursday & for the price of a newspaper (& much less than she’s paying for them & selling them for) you can get them when they appear in the newspaper (usually Thursday’s & Sundays) & if she’s knows someone who delivers papers, she can get their extra inserts.
    plus there are several free coupon sites. true, you can only download those coupons 2 or 3 times per week but they are free.
    why would anyone want to buy something they can get for free?
    2. unless not having the $500 means your sister will be on the street or has children who are going hungry, then I don’t see any reason to enable her by giving her money.
    & you will give it as a gift because you already know she’s not going to repay you, so don’t give her any money you cannot afford to never see again.
    I guess that means I’m voting you leave it in the bank unless there is some compelling reason to give it to your sister.

  6. M W says:

    Never, ever loan or give money to a friend or family member. You said it yourself – she will use you if she can.
    Why are you even asking? The answer is KEEP YOUR MONEY.

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