i have a big problem, i need to pay for stuff of ebay.co.uk using paypal. but nothing happens when i go on it?

right ive got stuff to pay for on ebay using paypal. but everytime i click continue on the checkout on ebay it goes nowhere and nothing loads up so i cant go any further to pay for my items. i have also gone on the paypal website but nothing happens when i click any buttons on there either so its impossible to log in. ive tried on 2 computers but nothing happens on both. every other website works perfectly and both the ebay checkout and paypal have worked properly before a couple of days ago. please can someone help me i dont know whats going wrong here but i need to pay for my items really quickly. thanks beforehand
i defo havent clicked on a false ebay scam site. i just click pay now and then continue on the checkout but nothing happen after that
also i have just now bought something of amazon.co.uk so it has to be ebay or paypal. i’m not sure how to do postal orders aswell if anyone can help me with that i would be very grateful. btw i’m only 15 so am not really good at this kind of stuff lol

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3 Responses to “i have a big problem, i need to pay for stuff of ebay.co.uk using paypal. but nothing happens when i go on it?”

  1. luludoodie says:

    Sounds to me as if you have clicked on to a false ebay scam site. I have bought things over the last 2 weeks without any problems.
    Contact the seller and tell him you are having problems so they know you are not a waste of time!

    Go back into eBay and start from basics without using any stored link etc (in case you are being scammed) by typing just ebay.co.uk and take it from there.

    Best of lock

  2. Smokin' Gun says:

    I had a couple of things that I sold on Ebay over Xmas and the buyers had problems paying because PayPal didnt seem to be working.
    Firstly let your buyers know that there is a problem with PayPal so that they dont get annoyed with you, then contat PayPal customer services. If they cant help send your buyers a cheque or postal order instead.

  3. ESBOSH says:

    Hopefully you’ve NOT clicked on a link from an email that told you to pay for the items you’ve won, as this could be a link to a false website created to harvest paypal/ebay account details!

    Contact paypal but try logging into paypal directly.

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