I Have A Question For Democrats?

Look I am a Moderate Democrat, but the Party that is run by people like Obama, Reid, and a few other people is going too far to the left. I mean Harry Reid proposed a bill in the Senate that would increase the national debt by 3 trillion dollars and would raise taxes. That is not the responsible democrat that the party used to represent. Let’s look at history, the last Republican President to balance the budget was Eisenhower, Regan, George H W Bush and GWB didn’t do it, Ike was the last one. The only two democrats that did not balance the budget or cut spending is Obama and Carter. But the fact is when it comes to fiscal matters, the democratic party is going way too far to the left. I mean look at my Harry Reid example, is this how the democratic party is going to be in the future? They used to support the common man, and used to support hand ups, not hand outs. But today that is the opposite. Another thing is the immigration deal. Look, I support immigration, I really do, but the fact is that people who came here illegally do not deserve amnesty. The only reason why the party supports amnesty is because all those illegals will mostly vote democratic and for more welfare. To me, that is despicable to the people who came here legally and to the people here. MY QUESTION IS HOW TO BRING THE OLD DEMOCRATIC PARTY BACK? I think I have the solution for fiscal matters: Be in the center but more left leaning, treat education as a social issue, and make it a personal issue and be advocates of school choice and heck even vouchers. Another thing is the environment. I am a huge supporter of nuclear energy, and the party should support this. When it comes to the size of government, I truly believe that if this is the party of the common man, you make the party’s belief when it comes to size of the govt, you MAKE IT A MODERATE SIZED, WELL REGULATED GOVERNMENT. No big government or small government, but moderate size, because of the fact that most Americans are middle grounded, they want this country to become too liberal or too conservative. When it comes to freedoms, I think they should support legalizing marijuana, and end the drug war. Also, spoke out against GITMO, and the Patriot Act, because the democrats that we elect, to me are not real democrats. OK SO HOW DO WE CHANGE THIS PARTY, WHAT SHOULD WE CHANGE, and WHY? ARE MY IDEAS GOOD OR NOT:? EXPLAIN? I want the party of the common man back!

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3 Responses to “I Have A Question For Democrats?”

  1. Tom S says:

    Shoot the guy on your Left!
    If every liberal did that, the Nation’s problems would end there.
    Set a date, keep it!

  2. xpatinas says:

    Your ideas are terrible.
    “Look I am a Moderate Democrat,”
    Look, no you are not.

  3. Misty says:

    You couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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