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In terms of Section 8 (HUD). My mother is disabled and receiving SSI and she is under HUD, but I’m living there with no income. However, in the next few weeks I will be working, and my mother is fearful that she will lose her assistence given the fact that my income will disqualify her from HUD and she can’t work at all, but since I’m going to be working, I’m going to be saving up to move out and save up for going back to college (since I took time off to save money and sort other things out). This will be virtually impossible for me to save up and move out since my mother’s HUD voucher may be disqualified. I was wondering how is this supposed to pan out? because like I said, my mother is on HUD because she’s disabled and can’t work and any income that I will bring in will disqualify her, but I’m looking to only stay with my mother temporarily. Do I have to move out immediately? So, my mother won’t be disqualified?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Which state are you from? If you Google hud income limits 2013, it’ll give you the answer, but apparently different states have different limits. Try Googling it yourself, and if you have any other questions the Web site should be able to answer them.

  2. Anonymou says:

    You need to discuss the situation with your housing office. If your income exceeds the limits, your benefits will be reduced. But, they will not pull the rug out from under you. They will base your payment on your income. This is the way it should work. If you can pay all of it yourself, then that’s what will happen. If you can pay part of it, then you’ll pay part of it. The point is to support yourself.
    You get free housing because you need the help right now, not because you want to save your money up for something else.
    You need to tell the housing office. They likely won’t totally take away all your benefits unless you are making a good income. But, if you have an undeclared income, they can kick you out.

  3. loanmast says:

    You are in a dilemma. Your mother is qualified to receive section 8 benefits based on her income. If there is additional income coming into the rental unit subsidized by section 8, you are correct this could be a disqualifying factor for your mother.
    Unfortunately the Section 8 program is not a program designed for you get financially able to take care of yourself, but to assist individual such as your mother who need the assistance for some reason, either lack of funds, have a physical disability.
    If your mother’s section case worker find out you are there,she could be disqualified from the section 8 program.
    You have to decide if you would want you mother to remain in the program for the assistance she obviously need and is qualified for or you find another means of getting financially abel to take care or yourself by living with friends or another relative.
    If she is disqualified from the section 8 program, how would she be able to survive with just Social security? This is sort of selfish on your part to stress your mother out over your inability to financially take care of yourself.
    Your option is to find another place to reside and allow your mother to remain on the section 8 program.
    I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.
    “FIGHT ON”

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