I Have A Section 8 Voucher Looking To Move Some Where Nice?

no bad community I love to sleep at night and off during the day knowing that I can come home in peace looking for a 3 bedroom house or townhouse or condo I have an voucher from the city of Atlanta.

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5 Responses to “I Have A Section 8 Voucher Looking To Move Some Where Nice?”

  1. Ryan M says:

    People in nice areas don’t like Section 8 people living in their communities.

  2. Casey Y says:

    Anyone in a nice area can get tenants who are not subsidized. It is illegal to discriminate against you on the basis of that subsidization, but they can certainly check your credit and turn you down accordingly. They can also, legally, check your income.
    You need a place that rents to people without checking credit; I bet you already know where you can find those landlords.

  3. Ann says:

    If you are limited by section 8, you will have a hard time finding this dream place to live. People who pay the mortgage themselves do not want section 8 in their neighborhoods because section 8 drives down the property values. Just the facts.

  4. A Hunch says:

    Unfortunately, people who don’t pay their full rent to do take care of or respect the property that they live in. This may not be you, however you have to live with the consequences of other people in your position. Most landlords with nice, safe properties will not rent to people on subsidized housing because of it. Sorry.

  5. Landlord says:

    Town houses and condos usually have a HOA fee that has to be counted as rent, so your voucher will rent you a lot less there. You need to stick to apartments and houses. your case worker will give you a list of landlords that take the vouchers. However, landlords are only allowed to charge 80% of median rent for the area, so you usually end up on the lower end of average for housing. high end neighborhoods are going to be able to get well over median for rent so you will not be able to use it there.
    I take section 8 for a few of my properties but it because the neighborhoods are dangerous and I have trouble renting to normal people. I only rent to seniors with vouchers, they tend to appreciate decent housing (I keep my places nice enough that I would live there) and not be so destructive.

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