I have a small budget,so which gaming pc should i choose out of these?




,i could bid for the hp up to 200 but i dont have anymore than 200 in savings and the other too pcs would take some saving up and the phenom pc only comes with integrated graphics so thats a no i think.
okay mate thanks,but the reason i want a gaming pc is to play gta 4,no other game,and gta 4 is supposedly much better on a quad.

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  1. Dynamo Duck says:


    that one out of the three is the best.

    I mean the phenom one, whomever made that is retarded, it has 8gb of RAM……that’s useful for a workstation but for gaming you never need more than 3 or 4gb total RAM. Never.

    They are not proper system builders with any real knowledge they are tossers who think because they can stick some sticks of ram in a barebones system that they know what they are doing..

    Carry on looking, look for units that have a branded power supply, like corsair, seasonic, thermaltake, coolermaster – any of those.
    With a gaming system the majority of the cost should be the graphics card.

    Trust me mate this would be a better option, if you don’t want to take my word for it google search gamers forums and see what they say about dual core vs quad core for gaming.

    I suggest this

    and this


    You will not be dissapointed with that for the price

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