I have a tanning distribution company how can I make more sales?

I sell suntan lotions, sunbeds and tanning products on the internet.
We’ve been around for about 8 years and have always made a profit. But how can I improve sales? Please bear in mind we have tried all sorts, I suppose we’ve hit a bit of a lag and need a boost for the tanning season ahead..

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3 Responses to “I have a tanning distribution company how can I make more sales?”

  1. Jewel says:

    Not on Yahoo Q & A

    Think about what you did when you were successful and what you now do and have done since your sales dropped.

    Consumers need to be able to trust the product as well as the company.

  2. garrettfromthecity says:

    Move to scotland

  3. vwd2007 says:

    have you tried traffic swarm or tried leaflets drops around your area and have you tried selling your good to sunbed and tanning shops perhaps you should try doing cold calling dropping of a few little samples as well and do many cold calling calls if you can beat there other competitor i am sure you will increase sale, there quite a few different things here you may have throught about but give it a shot

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