i have just bought a renault magane scenic for 400 pounds?

r reg really good condition…..you think its a good bargain?

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3 Responses to “i have just bought a renault magane scenic for 400 pounds?”

  1. jason w says:

    If you’re happy with it, and it hasn’t broke down, then yes. I paid 3k for an 03 plate a year and a half ago, and have been very happy with it. My father in law paid about 400 for his R plate scenic about a year ago and has had no bother with it. I think my father in law and i both got bargains, and if you’re happy, then you have too. Happy motoring.

  2. Siaynoq says:


  3. colin says:

    if you wish us to give you good answers you should include more details , miles its done service history etc but if its done more than 100,000 miles then its not a bargain you think it is because your problems are only just starting

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