I have sales assistant experience but i want to become a luxury sales assistant?

I have been a retail sales assistant since i left school but i want to become a luxury sales assistant in a top department store. However all the luxury jobs ask for experience in being a luxury sales assistant, but how can you get the experience if you need to be experienced to get the job to begin with? I want to work selling designer clothes and handbags? Any advice or tips? I’m very interested in fashion and stuff like that and can give great customer service. What do they look for?

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  1. Sasquatch says:

    Where abouts are you? The company I own is looking for someone and we sell designer handbags (see my most recent question).

    These types of jobs are high in demand so you need to stand out. Keep applying, get some help with your C.V’s as that is very important and if you get an interview you need to show that you are passionate, have first class customer service/sales skills and you want to further your career with that particular company. I also recommend you read the following to get some theory behind what you do:
    Retail Selling – Peter Ronald Fleming
    Why we Buy, the science of shopping – Paco Underhill
    Buy-ology – Martin Lindstrom

    Hope that helps, good luck, I know what its like! I got fed up with the lack of oportunity in this field which is one of a few reasons why i started my own company instead…maybe something else to think about.

  2. Gena Smith says:

    ask for information interview to understand more about the company.
    find a company that is into luxury supplying.

    I think you should try all three listed above.

  3. corncrake says:

    not really sure all them shops need somebody skilled to fold clothes and straighten handbags no it’s sounds like a bit of snobbery you can do it apply anyway

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