I Just Applied For The Centralized House List. Now What?

I live in Mass, and just applied online for the centralized list. I am new to this. I am young and disabled due to a terminal lung and heart disease.
Is this list for the voucher program?
What do I do now? How do I apply for vouchers to my area towns?
Any other info would be great! Like I said I am new to this. I live at home right now but that situation is not great as my stepfather is the worst you can imagine.

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One Response to “I Just Applied For The Centralized House List. Now What?”

  1. glenn says:

    You must have some sort of case worker. Either because you are getting help from a government program or something. They either can help with all these details or put you in touch with someone that can. That knows all the details of your life and what programs are available locally and how quickly you might be bale to get into them. An online nationwide- very general help website like this would be very little help.

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