I Just Received A Fake Check From A Computer Service Craigslist Ad, What Should I Do?

Thankfully I still haven’t cashed it in and I know its a scam so I do know that I plan to turn in the check no later than tomorrow but should I also include the emails of the scammers? Thing is I’m kind of new on Craigslist, I posted an ad on Computer Services and many were coming to me to request me to fix computers, I didn’t knew anything about Money Orders or Wire Checks so I thought the way they wrote it to me was legitimate, here’s one for example:
“Am “Blah Blah Blah”, into Computer buying and selling of computers to Local stores within and outside the USA. I am Looking for a stable computer expert to format and reload computers and prepared them for Office and Homes use. The set of computers to be reloaded are Laptops , They are Toshiba and HP products.
I need to know if you are capable and willing to work with me. The first set of Laptops to be shipped to you for reloading and they are 10, and shall be shipped to you together with all software you might need including the anti-virus,also get back to me with charges for 10 laptop.
I noticed a lot of grammar errors too and I noticed that two people sent me the exact same email and I was like, this is pretty suspicious and I started researching it, unfortenately right after sending my address and phone number to these scammers that I just knew now, I didn’t gave them any other personal information. The thing I’m afraid of is what the scammers plan to do if I don’t do as they ask? Will they try to sue me? Should I block them from my phone and flag them on the email after reporting the fake checks to the bank? Let me know cause I really need to make sure that I can get around this afterwards and avoid any further problems. And that same person sent me the email yesterday guessing that the check came today which it did so I’m a bit worried, I know its a scam and I offered $40 per computers plus the shipping and then for some reason gave me a $2,673 dollar check which is very strange.
This is the last email the same person sent me:
“How are you today,the payment will deliver today,You are to get the check deposited in your back account it will clear within 24hrs deduct your money for computer repair and get the rest of the funds by purchasing the moneypak thing and get back to me with the pin, You don’t need to activate it just send me only the pin the shipper will do all that. i hope you can get all that done by today or tomorrow?
Here is the delivery agent information on how to get their funds. go to any nearby moneypak agent you can get them at walmart, Seven -eleven or Kmart or check it on their webpage at www.moneypak.com. You can use your zip code to look up any of the agent near to you.You can then purchase the amount left after deducting your fee from the funds,you will be giving a Voucher which you will scratch and send the Pin of the voucher you purchased.back to me on email.
so that i can forward it to shipper to deliver the computer to you also come back for pick up after your work

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One Response to “I Just Received A Fake Check From A Computer Service Craigslist Ad, What Should I Do?”

  1. Kittysue says:

    Since the scammers now know where you live, you don’t want them to threaten you and your family
    Wait a day, then email them to say that you tried to cash the check at your bank and they said it was drawn on a closed account and they have turned it over to their fraud team for investigation. Say that you are sorry but you will not be able to work with them and if they send you any more checks, you will return them to sender
    Now look up the company whose name is on the check. Call their REAL number, not any number you were given, and tell them about the check you received. They probably have no idea that their checks have either been stolen or counterfeited, so you should inform them of the check you got so they can call their bank and put a freeze on their account to prevent any of these checks from clearing, as you are not the only person who got one
    Then contact your local police, non-emergency number, and ask them if they want you to bring them the fake check, envelope and copies of all eamils, or if you should just shred it

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