I Just Want To Die Can Anyone Help?

i am so miserable i almost killed myself today and i know it cant go on much longer i have no one i feel like the worst peice of **** i need to be dead. ive been raped so many times everything really went down hill when i was raped at my sales job at the time i was 21 taking care of my son and mother that i have financially supported for over a year wouldnt let me and my son spend one night with her thats when i really realised no one loves or cares about me ever since things have just gotten worse i tried to call my dad ten times today on christmas and left him 2 voicemails but this is 1/100000000th of it i cant take it anymore i dont want to go to a hospital did that after i got raped it didnt help i just want to die no one loves me and there is no purpose for me to be here several people would love for it to happen as well im sure i just wish i would die im so afraid of hell though please I JUST WANT TO DIE

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2 Responses to “I Just Want To Die Can Anyone Help?”

  1. Soduh Man says:

    First off, what about your son, if you leave him, no one will be left to take care of them. Your parents have left you. You don’t need their support anymore, you’re on your own, and you can show them that you are a brave woman and push through these tough times. It may sound tough, but you have to push through for your son. There are plenty of people out there who will gladly love you and take care of you. Since you have a computer, I can point you to a collection of fantastic people, it’s called imgur.com
    There’s many people on there who are charitable and giving, and if you tell them your plight, you will be given a plethora of support. And even so, the things on that website will cheer anyone up. I do hope you reconsider.

  2. sjdfgdf says:

    I LOVE YOU <3

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