i love car boot sales i always get good bargains.?

i got 2 pairs of next jeans for 2 pound. what is your best car boot bargain?
car boot sale is when people sell things for bottom prices, some are new some are second hand.
i do apologise i didnt realise i was asking the us. keep your hair on.

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10 Responses to “i love car boot sales i always get good bargains.?”

  1. dawnnkev t says:

    I did a car boot today – trying to shift some of my cr*p for pennies and i couln’t believe how tight some people are…..!

    i never cease to be amazed by the tightwads who ask you how much things are (in my case today) a pair of multi coloured toe socks – never worn…..10p…..and then make a face and put them back…….er what would be a reasonable price then for something like that then – 2p…?

    Anyway rant over….yes they are good places for bargains but i end up getting ‘car-boot eye’ where i strain my eyes staring at so many peices of tat looking for that one brilliant thing, i get a head ache.

    Tend to avoid them nowadays but what amuses me is looking at what people have bought……. bloke walked past me today with a stepper machine that you just know will end up one day in a car boot sale he does after sitting in his garage for next 3 years…..

  2. BabiOfFashion says:

    car boot?

  3. pinkprincesspatri says:

    lots of desighner clothes 4 pennies its amazin but i neva tell my m8z i get em from da bootie lawl:)

  4. country bumkin says:

    did you get that p.c.with it to. my best deal was a car boot for a ford anglia.

  5. Quizard says:

    I don’t usually go but my brother used to go regularly and has the gift of the gab so comes away with lots of great stuff

  6. Mia K says:

    If ya like your bargains then look on the computer at freecycle, You might of already heard of it. If you havent log on it now, not sure of full address. People but all unwanted items on there and you dont have to pay a penny!
    Between me and a few friends we’ve had a pine cot, baby clothes, beddind and tv!
    Well worth havin a look!
    Happy bargaining

  7. Storyteller says:

    Car boots are great , you can get every thing for nothing….

  8. sanny says:

    I got a great Shania Twain cd for £1 which I have played and enjoyed hundreds of times.

  9. rose1 says:

    I am queen of the boot sales, people ask me to shop for them when I go as I always get great bargains and know what to look for. I have too many bargains to list for you. Pity I can’t go tomorrow, I have to work 🙂

  10. Shari says:

    Shouldn’t you be asking that in the UK blog and not the US?
    Most people here don’t know what a car boot sale is. We
    don’t have them here, that I know of. Closest thing would be
    a flea market, but we don’t sell out of the backs of our cars
    at them. They have covered stalls for selling outside in parks,
    or stadium parking lots or some other wide open space.
    I didn’t know about boot sales, til talking to a friend of mine
    from England. He’s taught me alot about things you do over
    One of the places I go for bargains, is the bigger thrift stores. I hear Sallies’ is a biggie over there. They are our
    worst stores here for the low quality and condition of things.
    For one of the richest backed charities, it is a shame. I tend
    to find Goodwill Industries as the better thrift chain here. But
    they don’t really do charitable works. They are in the business
    for the money.And they show it in the way they do business.

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