I Messed Up A Bit During An Interview..?

I went to turn in my job application at a big grill & bar opening up in a location near my city and wasn’t expecting much but just to turn it in. I was immediately interviewed and was not ready. My outfit looked like it was for a business class but it wasn’t at the same time because it was more fashionable. I was asked to tell about myself and I remembered reading online from many sites what interviewers really want to hear. I didn’t want to be silent and my mind was trying to get things all set because I wasn’t expecting this (I went there yesterday to get an application and saw people just turning theirs in, not getting interviewed at all) so I ended up saying, “ummm..” and “sorry”, which I don’t usually do!! I’ve had jobs before and I do like interviews but I was rushed by my parents to get a new job and I haven’t had a job since last year.
I didn’t say my name when I was telling about myself, but I did say it when the interviewer and I shook hands. I told him I was willing to learn since I’ve never served before but I didn’t say any abilities I had except for what I did in my past jobs (I was trying to say what I would do for this grill & bar job). I guess I did entertain him though when he asked me about a problem I encountered with a customer who was upset back at my old job because he laughed at my story. Then, like most interviews, I was asked if I had any questions and I didn’t even ask about the sales or anything.. I just asked about the positions like about the server.. I cursed myself so much after we were finished!! This moment is still stuck, staying in my head..
My friends said I did ok/good (to make me feel better, I know..). The interviewer told me they weren’t sure when they’re opening but they’d call me after double checking my phone number. I don’t think they’ll call me but I hope they do.
I probably won’t get the job, but I hope I do. I’m really diligent and determined with my jobs, and am adaptable and flexible. Do you think I screwed up my chance? What else can you tell me?
Btw, I met an awesome girl who could be a future co-worker if I happen to get the job while waiting for the managers to return from lunch. I don’t think she got interviewed..? The other manager took her with him a little farther from us but she left way earlier than I did.

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  1. Question says:

    It sounds like you were just nervous and caught off guard which is to be expected with an on the spot interview, but overall it doesn’t sound like you did anything too terrible. I say you sound like a good worker and have a good chance of getting it. If not there are plenty of other jobs.

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