I need a bag to go back to college..?

I want a bag for college. It needs to be either a back pack or an across the body bag as im on crutches. It also needs to be relatively big as i cant hold folders and books in my hands. I dont want something plain though. Does anyone have any ideas??

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8 Responses to “I need a bag to go back to college..?”

  1. fidgetyfingers says:

    Have a look on ebay…http://www.ebay.co.uk

  2. corryglory says:

    I have a great messenger bag that I use for college. I got it at Old Navy for under $20.

  3. 3690 says:

    go for a vintage ‘gola’ bag from repulic. they’re really cool and not too expensive. Also come in lots of colours

  4. Mr Answerman says:

    How about a nice "Hello Kitty" backpack ??

  5. L a u r a //x says:

    get a plain bag that’ll fit all your things in it and then customise it with patches and badges, stuff like that. That way you’ll have a descent bag, it’ll be totally unique and it will be exactly how you want it.

  6. lisaluna22 says:

    well i think you should wear across the body back pack cuz it would look more in style for you.

  7. Umbrella-ella-eh says:

    You can find what your looking for on this link-http://www.bizrate.co.uk/

  8. veg_rose says:

    I know a big bag who dresses real loud but I don’t think you would like her.

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