I need a DS Lite, Websites anyone?

My mum wants a DS for christmas i need a website that has a ds that cost less than £50

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  1. ൬ɝ ƒąɨƪ Ȝƞɠłἶs৸ thªŧƨ սռթօรรﻨъlε says:


  2. Headphones says:

    dude you have a computure right?
    go to Coolrom.com
    download emulators
    theres a ds emulator
    then down load rom file’s
    (aka games)
    its also its free
    i use it
    never buy a ds download the emulators

  3. ◊⇧Vergil⇧◊ 902 says:

    craigslist is your friend

  4. Jalen says:

    Well theres alot of places, ok here we go
    game stop,amazon,ebay,walmart,kmart,game station,game fly,many many more just type in at google NINTENDO ds lite for sell and a website should cum up hope you get the NINTENDO for christmas hope i helped too.

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