I Need A Little Bit Of Betta Advice…?

Okay, both me and my sister have bettas. I have a male veil tail, she has a male crown tail and a female double tail (all in separate tanks). I want to know if I could sell the offspring if I were to breed her female with one of the males. I have read a lot about the subject and I still need to do further research.
Where can I get plastic cups with the lids with the holes in the top? How old should the fry be before I can advertise them for sale? Where is the best/cheapest place to get brine shrimp to feed the fry? How long will I need to feed them brine shrimp? How much should I charge? When should I separate them into the cups?
I have owned and kept fish for 4 years (my sister has for 3) and I believe that I want to attempt to breed something. By the way, I do know of the proper equipment to breed them (a 5-10 gallon heated tank, a sponge filter, and a styrofoam cup for the male to take care of the eggs in and I have all of the above except for the sponge filter).
If you have any information that would be helpful, I ask you to share. Thanks for everything.

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