I need a valuation on my house for re-mortgaging purposes. How do I get one?

I bought my house a year ago and the discount on the morgage was only for a year so it is about to run out. My financial advisor has contacted me about re-mortgaging and I have a meeting on monday. She has told me to get a valuation before then if possible to see if the value has gone up as this would help get a better mortgage deal. How do I get one? I need a written copy of the valuation.

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  1. Steve B says:

    There’s a web site (‘up my street’ = see link) that gives prices of houses recently sold in your post-code area… (your house will be no more than the price of your highest neighbour).

    NB. Houses in SOME areas HAVE gone up over the last year ..

  2. disgusted with councils says:

    Get a valuation from your local estate agent.

  3. Paul H says:

    I work as a market research analyst in the housing industry. The proper way to get an estimate of the value of your home is to hire a certified appraisal company. They will come out and examine your house and property and they will provide a detailed report, including an estimated value of the home. They utilize comparable data from other homes sold in your area to determine the value of your home, so this really is the most reliable estimate available and this is what we standardly use in the housing industry.

  4. Oldboy says:

    Another option is to contact a local real estate appraiser. Most lenders will want one done on a re-finance anyway. When you call one ask if they do appraisals for lenders. If they do the appraisal will carry more weight with the lender.

  5. chatsplas@sbcglobal.net says:

    Did she require an appraisal by a paid, qualified appraiser? If that’s the case, the bank usually does this themselves, you just let them in the house. Otherwise, you can get a market analysis from a realtor. Unfortunately few houses rose in value over the last yar.

  6. patrick g says:

    Its like Paul H said. I just got done with a refinance and I had to get an appraiser to access my home. Local realestate agents normaly go thru apprasisers. They dont have them in house that you can use.on the contrary to most peoples thinking.They will access the value of your home according to the value of homes in your area and to the assesment of the property value in your area with accordance to what compairs to the property you have and the condition of your home.

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