I need help with amazon.co.uk?

if you have a gift card for amazon.co.uk do you have to give your credit card number cuz i dont have one i got the card of lockerz

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3 Responses to “I need help with amazon.co.uk?”

  1. sewrobb says:

    You only have to money towards anything if it costs more than the voucher is worth.

    So if the voucher is worth £20 then you can only get something up to that value for free. If you want something costing £30 then you have got to put a tenner towards it!

  2. jonks says:

    Why don’t you google Amazon & either post your query on their site OR phone them, they have a contact number. Good Luck.

  3. Angela M says:

    As long as you stay within the limits of your gift card, you should have no problems. Once you have ordered your stuff and are directed to the "pay" section, just insert your gift voucher code and everything should be fine..

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