I Need Help With My 1997 Jeep?

I have a 1997 jeep wrangler with the 4cyl anyway It keeps burning o2 sensors up ill replace it with a (denso) a good sensor and it will last maybe 1 month than it’s back to burning rich, black smoke out of the exhaust will hardly idle. It does not use oil or antifreeze I’m lost on this one

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3 Responses to “I Need Help With My 1997 Jeep?”

  1. jj says:

    Perhaps you should try an NTK sensor. NTK are the OEM supplier for Jeep. They are cheap at http:www.rockauto.com and more so with 5% off. Use the code: 28062E85EA17
    Expires: 10/22/2013, enter this code in the ‘How Did You Hear about Us’ box to receive discount.

  2. spudwren says:

    Have you checked the fuel pressure regulator?

  3. ron p says:

    whens the last time you had a tune up?

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