I Need Legal Help About A Vehicle Sale!?

If someone sent me a $3,000 check for a truck i’m selling on craigslist & has no information about it except what it looks like & address to mail the check can he legally take action if we don’t give him the vehicle? He doesn’t know the vin number the license plate number or anything, Please help!!

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2 Responses to “I Need Legal Help About A Vehicle Sale!?”

  1. Gabriel says:

    More than anything i would suggest to you to verify if the check is OK and wont bounce.

  2. footflas says:

    This is likely a scam. Is he asking you to send home some “change” in return? Even just a few hundred dollars? The check looks real, but is fake. You deposit this, but the bank won’t bounce the check for up to 10 days. Meanwhile you’ve already sent him actual real money.
    Scam Scam Scam.

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