I Need Some Family Help.?

Alright. So, let’s begin.
Last summer a member of my family bought a piece of land in a foreign country. However, this was bought “sneakily” for a discounted price from another individual. From this specific country, family ties are very important. This particular piece of land had belonged to my great-grandfather on my mother’s side. This had enraged my father.
Now, let’s talk about my father’s reaction.
Initially it seemed as he didn’t care. Personally, I hadn’t known about it for months until I had overheard my mom speaking about it while she was driving. (I was sitting in the passenger seat.)
She began speaking about my father, whom I had noticed had become more haggard and irritable lately. A couple months passed and the situation had gotten much worse. My father began to speak about my uncle disrespectfully, who is my godfather and basically acted as a father throughout my childhood due to my real dad being at work.
This became a major issue for me in the following months to come.
At Thanksgiving, we had refused to sit together with our extended families, so my father used a decoy to go on vacation in Rhode Island, states away from where I live. For the past ten or eleven years I have spent Christmas Eve, with my entire extended family, at my uncle’s house. This year, only my immediate family minus my father and my uncle’s immediate family was present. This angered me greatly.
After that, I noticed he started cracking “fat” jokes and otherwise disrespectful jokes directed towards my uncle. He left the impression on my brother, who is young and therefore impressionable, that my uncle is a fat, dumb, sneaky loser who still lives with his mother, (my grandmother.)
My mother, who was very sick and nauseous one day, then began to explain to me how if this had happened while my siblings and I were at least in college, she would have left my father instantly. Before that, my father had yelled at my mother, who was nauseous and very hardworking at the time, to get the eleven 3-lb packs of vegetables from his truck. I HAD it at that moment.
I may have overreacted at this next part.
I yelled at him that my mother was sick, and he was being an inconsiderate turd, that all he did was sat down, eat, fart, watched TV after coming home, yelled at my mother for things that he says “the kids” should do instead. He then proceeded to throw a glass bottle at me, which hit the wall next to me, and I had fled to my bedroom.
I could hear him yelling at my mother until 3 AM.
I’ve had enough of this fake of a father.
What should I do?

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