I Need Some Help On Some World Cultures Questions…?

1. The United States under Roosevelt originally followed a policy of neutrality during the tensions leading up to World War II because of the belief that…
a. war is bad for business
b. World War I arms sales had brought the US into war
c. tensions were not bad enough to produce a war
d. involvement in the conflict would make shipping US goods overseas difficult
2. Tensions leading to World War I began with the expansion of what empire?
a. Holy Roman
b. German
c. Russian
d. Ottoman
3. Trench warfare during World War I became best known for being
a. a system for swift troop movements
b. a safe environment from enemy fire
c. a way to easily attack the enemy using infantry
d. a deadly stalemate
4. What made it possible for the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to keep the price of oil high in the 1970s?
a. opec negotiated high prices through collective bargaining
b. the worldwide demand for oil was high
c. opec paid its employees well
d. the supply of oil throughout the world was high
5. Why did Japan join the Axis during World War II?
a. Germany invaded the Soviet Union
b. United States embargoed Japan
c. China joined the Allies
d. Hitler threatened Japan
6. Colonial rule in Africa did not generally end, as many African leaders had hoped, after
a. World War I
b. World War II
C. the Indian National congress
d. the ottoman empire collapsed
7. Revolts against Communism in Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia came as a result of
a. the arms race with the U.S.
b. Nikita Khrushchev’s appointment as general secretary of the Communist Party
c. communist intervention in the korean war
d. economic exploitation and poor living conditions

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