I Need Some Prom Advice? Help :(?

This is going to be along one.
So my boyfriend and I broke up just before prom tickets were going off sale. Him and i broke up cause he said he didn’t have the time for me. But we still continued to be best friends! I asked him if he still wanted to go to prom and he said No, i just really don’t want to go. (This was about 2 months ago). Yesterday i find out he’s going to prom with another girl. (it’s not even his prom, he’s gr 11) So I’m clearly really pissed off about this. Him and I were BESTFRIENDS, basically still dating. So this has lead me to non-stop crying. I mean he lied? he never lies to me. I’ve already paid $600 for a dress. Everyone has dates but me. He left it till last minute to drop me.. now im finding out this news. I personally think he’s a dick for doing it. Now I don’t even wan’t to go to prom because I really really don’t think i’ll have a good time but my friends are still telling me to go. I’m just so sad about this and don’t know what to do. I don’t wan’t anymore stress. I don’t even know what to listen to right now, my heart is saying no but everyone else is saying i’ll regret it. I don’t wanna cry at my own prom.
This is a small prom btw, we only have about 30 grads and it’s a small town.

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