I Need To Decide On A Ukulele? Help?

I’m in 1st year at university, and the union has an open-mic night every friday. I’ve been playing ukulele for 3 years now but am far from being a pro!! But it’s my new years’ resolution to get over myself and play at open mic so I’m investing in an electro-acoustic ukulele! (this isn’t just for open mic; I just want an upgrade from my current uke which is a les paul-lookalike sunburst mahalo number. My current one is lovely but I’m looking for a richer sound) I don’t know too much about different types but I THINK my current one is a soprano? I’m female so I’m not sure if I should be getting a lower-sounding uke if I have a higher voice or vice-versa? (I’m a very casual player)
ANYWAY, these 2 are both in my price range (< £100) and I need some help or advice in choosing!
The second one comes with a case which is a pro as I'd need to buy a new one for the first, which is also more expensive.
Thanks so much!!
-Sarah x

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